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Online Tourist Permit Application For Travel Into Mexico On Foot for less than 7 days (No Fee) or 180 Days (Fee)

This is the simple version for walking across and staying a short time without incurring a fee just across the border. While these instructions below are tailored for those taking short trips, when flying or staying over a week you incur the 533 peso fee which can be paid online when completing this same online application.

Here are some rules about the Tourist Card:

  • Foreign visitors are required to obtain an tourist card (“FMM”) to enter Mexico.

  • If the stay is more than 7 days or beyond the 25 km free zone along the US and Mexican border there is a fee of 533 pesos for the FMM. If you fly foreign or domestic into Mexico, you will need one. If you get your card online, you can pay the fee online with a credit card.

  • You can obtain a FMM for up to 180 day on one card and enter and exit Baja California an unlimited number of times during that period.

  • A new FMM may be issued consecutively after expiration immediately.

  • The same FMM may not be used at ports of entry outside of Baja California or by air travel from a foreign airport into Mexico.

  • When you obtain the card online, it still must be stamped by a customs official to be valid within 30 days, so you still need to take it to a port of entry into Mexico to get validated.

Here is the application process for a trip less than 7 days without fee:

   1.  Go online to link:

   2.  Click the EN button to get the online form in English.

   3.  Click the plus sign to get a drop down screen.








   4.  A drop menu appears with agreement, terms and conditions language. After reading this language, and if you accept the terms, click that you accept.























   5.  Next complete the application screen providing the information requested. You can use my fictitious entries below as a guide for some of the more ambiguous questions. Note: The point of entry in San Ysidro is El Chaparral.

Also Note: There is an automatic message that comes up about pop-up blockers. Just ignore it and complete the form and do not do anything regarding your pop-up blocker unless it actually appears to be an issue after attempting to complete the process, which it usually does not.

   6.  When done, making sure that no boxes are in red meaning a bad entry, click save. Note that if you make certain changes where boxes require duplication of entries for confirmation of entries make sure you hit enter after making changes. If you still run into problems then just redo both boxes and try again.





























If you want the 180 day FMM just time the departure date 180 days out. Sometimes you have to play with the date to get it work as it is 180 days and not 6 months, so you may have to walk the date back until the system accept the maximum date you type in.

   7.  Check that your information is correct, and if so, then click the save button at the bottom of the screen.






If you are getting a 180 day FMM, it should prompt you at the end of the process for payment.

   8.  Assuming all the information was correct and accepted by the system, then a Download button should appear noting the application was accepted. Click the Download button to get the printed Form in PDF.















   9.  Download the form and print it.


































   10. They will also e-mail a copy to you as well.

11. Print the form single sided on paper and preferably in landscape form (longways) as noted in the below. Sign the Entrada portion of the form side at the bottom where it says “Signature.”

12. Cut the page in half separating the “Entrada” from the “Salida” portions of the page. Both sides are needed and should be presented the border. They take the “Salida” section at time of processing when crossing by ground and only return the “Entrada” portion back to you.


12. You are done. Bring the form with you when you come to the border signed and separated into the two “Entrada” and “Salida”sections. (Don’t forget your receipt if you paid for an extended period.) The FMM is not official until they stamp it at the border. Have a fun and safe trip.​

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