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Tijuana in a Nutshell: 

Walking in Anthony Bourdain's Footsteps in Tijuana, Mexico

January 26, 2019


General Trip Information

To many, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations's Baja Episode is the bible of going across the border in Baja. Now much has changed in the many years since that episode first aired, which many of you that have traveled with me have experienced first hand. Despite this, it would be interesting and adventurous to go to the places he went and follow in his footsteps.

Beware: This is not my usual Culturista refined trip. This trip is not for the faint of heart, and those easily embarrassed or insulted should stay at home.

We will be only hitting those places that Bourdain went to in central Tijuana, so no Mision 19 or Playas of Tijuana (those places are for girls anyway), but we will go to the other places he went to in the show and mentioned.


Here is a video of one of our previous trips:


Itinerary (Tentative and Subject to Change)

Places we are visiting include:
* Sotano Suizo and Baja Craft Beer Tasting Rooms (Bar, Food, cut from show)
* Caliente Canodromo (Dog racetrack, also cut from the show but video was released: also try to get into the Xolos stadium (Tijuana's professional soccer team).
* Las Ahumaderas ("Taco Alley", Food)
* Dandy del Sur (Bar), La Mezcalera (Bar/club) and Revolución, Sexta (Sixth Street, Bar District Mentioned).

** All locations are subject to availability



COST of $27.50: All day transportation. No food is included nor tips for hired driver which are encouraged.

Pay here:
Save money send $25 through Venmo at @bajaculturistas.


1.  No refunds two weeks before event or after.

2. Substitutees allowed but cannot be a member of any group where this trip is advertised unless the tour is full with $5 fee.

3.  Any and all recuperation of any funds paid by substitutor is to be worked out with substitutee

Not Included in Cost:
1. No Food or Drink (Accept as specifically not as included above)
2. Souvenirs


What to Bring:

1.  Passport

2.  International credit card for emergencies and hotel deposit

3.  ATM card to minimize carrying cash (your choice)

4.  Comfortable walking shoes

5.  Good hat for sun protection

6.  Sunscreen